Hello, I am Simon. I am married to my wife Andreea and I am a Dad to the cutest little girl Erin. I've been in software for over 10 years, working for a variety of companies big and small.


I've worn many hats as someone that wants to contribute wherever necessary. My journey began as a Fullstack Engineer and crossed over to DevOps Engineer, I learned to both write software and deploy it reliably. I have transitioned into leadership where my ambitions are, but currently working as a software consultant.


I was born and raised in London, UK. I lived in London until recently when we moved in the pandemic to live just outside in Hertfordshire where life is more green and houses are affordable.

Other Interests
  • 📺Great TV... and sometimes trash TV too
  • 🎮Gaming
  • 🏓Racket sports
  • 🤔Armchair politics & philosophy